QuadView MK2


QuadView is a video based pedestrian detection solution for use on Large Diameter Piling rigs. Developed in collaboration with Cementation Skanska QuadView can detect when a person enters the exclusion zone and filter out unwanted false alarms normally associated with other detection systems e.g. ultrasonics. Because QuadView is Video based the footage from the cameras is recorded and stored for later use. This provide vital information in the event of an incident. 

QuadView's unique design not only detects the presence of a person within the exclusion zone but also provides the operator with a visual and audible notification on the dedicated in cab monitor. From here the operator can clearly see the person within the zone via the highlighted trajectory marker. This allows the operator to make an informed decision without any confusion or delay. 


QuadView provides concise, immediate and clear notifications of a person entering the exclusion zone...